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Cryogenic Transport Trailers
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About Us History of the company Our company was founded by Orhan Cazgir in 1980. The name of the company was altered to Cazgir Ins. ve Ltd. Company back in 1982. During these years, our company has manufactured boilers and different type of pressurized vessels to various European companies. In year 2001, the company expanded the variety of products manufactured and increased the amount of investment in the areas in which it had developed itself. The name of the company changed to Cazgir Ins. Isi Sist. Tic ve San. Corp. in 2001. Starting from year 2006, the company has mainly focused on expansion to global markets for which new investments have been made and all of the necessary and applicable certifications have been acquired. As Cazgir, our main priority is to assist you with your technical problems with your cryogenic business and to deliver you the highest quality and high tech cryogenic products over very reasonable prices. One of our superiorities over our competitors-which gives our customers competitive advantages over their competitors , as well- is that we are able to manufacture our products based on not only the European standards but also ASME ,CANADA, GOST and other international standards. Another superiority of ours is that we can do “Boutique Designing” by focusing and projecting mainly on our customer’s specific needs, specifications and specific wishes and providing the highest technology based on these details. We, as Cazgir, are also focusing on providing extensive after sales support to share the responsibility of our customers. We are aware of the fact that there is huge amounts of cryogenic manufacturers throughout the world. This is why we are focusing on providing your products to you at the fastest convenient time based on your urgency no matter which part of the world you are at. Please kindly be informed that we believe it would create a huge synergy if you or your representatives visit us at our premises. As of today, our premise is operating throughout 25,000 m2 of which 6000 m2 is indoors in the industrial zone of Corum and is expanding with new investments day by day. Chairman Orhan CAZGIR



“Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 7. Cad. No:15 Çorum, Turkey”

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